What Can Happen in a Second?

Seconds; the building blocks of Earthly time. These fleeting moments in time can carry ideas to us. Ideas that can solve a problem, set you on an adventure, or change the world. These ideas, these flashes of inspiration, come to me as a bolt from the blue.

I would love to be able to tell you that I have an idea that will bring world peace, or feed the entire humanoid population of the Earth with enough sustance to offer to visitors, but alas, no. I think, though, that I have had an inspiration attact that will be an adventure and change my little world.

The lose of my job at the end of 2015 came as a shock, but now I have a chance to recreate myself, to slowly leave everything behind. My jobsearch has shown me that there are more opportunities open to me than merely treading the same path. Jobsearching has made me think about my skills and personality traits more than my experience, and I find that many of my skills are transferable. As any job seeker knows, however, you need to make yourself stand out. The more skills you have that are unique to you, the better your chance of getting short-listed at least. Thus began the seeds of my inspiration.

I looked at the certified courses that I could do online, and I began to think things that I thought would never even dream to cross my mind. I’m not sure why but I used to think that jobs other than admin and retail were difficult. I thought that there was something magical about them, and that only mystics, magicians, sourcerers and sourceressess need apply. I am now thinking that this is not the case.

So this is my inspiration; I need a job that is customer facing, or creative, or both. I need to be able to learn on the job and for the job. I need to be able to me in a job. This all seems obvious, but the job that I loved and lost I was prepared to put up with because I loved the people that I worked with. I should have found another job because so many rules came into play that I was not allowed to be me anymore. This was not always the case. When I first started the job on checkouts I was able to use my initiative and go do other jobs in quieter times. I was able to speak to the customers as actual people and not just beings with bits of paper, plastic  and metal that the company so lusted after. Now the operators have to stand like good little mannekins at the front of the checkouts waiting to welcome customers to the til, rattle off a script, and rend tender from the money machine that stands before them.

I am an android and I dream of electric sheep

~ Zen Child