A few days ago I went back to Facebook. I thought that it was something that I would never, ever do, but I’ve been feeling isolated. Being both an introvert and living away from the family, I do find it difficult sometimes. It’s not that I am lonely, it’s just that I miss the occasional connection with others. As well as sending out a few and receiving a few friend requests I joined the group Introvert Nation. I wonder the collective noun for introverts is?

Anyway, back to this post, which is written in response to the Daily Post Discover Challenge, Mind the Gap.

Now, for us introverts, verbal expression can be very difficult. This is a big, big problem as there are many people out there who judge others on the amount of words that come out of your mouth. They think that you cannot be feeling something if you do not say that you are feeling something. Even worse, they may think that if you are really quiet there must be something wrong with you (some children called me ‘docile’ at school)!

So here we have a really tricky gap between words and feelings; but it goes further. How many people use words to try and fool or control people? How many try to convince others or even themselves about the reality of things? How many people use words when they don’t even feel the corresponding feeling? How many words are wasted in lies?

There is  a secret though known, it seems, only by introverts. Words are special. To be effective they should be used sparingly. Feelings, on the other hand, are constant, and should always be so. The person walking or sitting next to you may be silent, but they are feeling something.

This morning, for the first, and hopefully not last, time a poem came to me almost fully formed. It is dedicated to everyone out there, and I hope it provokes some thought.


Any Thoughts?

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