I don’t know if my title has a meaning that bears no relation to this post, of if is a word that my mind has given birth to. Nonetheless, it is my entry for Cee’s Black and White Challenge.

The first, and I think best, object that came to mind is my small, carved, wooden box that I keep my earrings in. I tried to make the most of the carved lines by messing around with the camera settings and filters. These, I think are the best four that I took with my trusty Samsung S6.




Please Don’t, It’s Forbidden

I was a bit stumped at first for Signs to show you for Cee’s Black and White challenge this week, but then I remembered these two that I had randomly put up around the flat…



No playing with your food!



This is will scupper revolutionary plans


Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge

This is one I took for the Things Made Out of Plastic challenge, but I forgot to post it 😦

This is the best smelling hand wash that I have ever experienced, and I will be inconsolable if I am not able to replace it once it has been used!


Have yourself a long leisurely hand soak



Things Made Out of Plastic

Umm.. okay. Can I think of any exciting stuff for Cee’s challenge? Well, looking around my room I spy…


Ginger wearing my sunglasses

Walking through the hall I see…


Bag danglies

Upon entering the kitchen I encounter…


Ladybird washer upper

And after I had eaten my lunch I thought I would photograph this…


Cute pudding pot

Sitting on the sofa, my eye settled on this…


Sweet cat treat toy

The whole idea of the mouse is that it releases cat biscuits when it gets wobbled around by the cat. Needless to say it was never, ever the cat that wobbled it around!