Some time ago, late one night, there was a thunder and lightening storm directly over the area in which I live. I got up thinking that maybe it would be a good idea to unplug the television. As I moved my weary body into the living room I heard a loud crash and in an instant lightning lit up the room, and I swear I saw a monster in the corner!

This episode inspired a post on Mirakee. It was created in response to a 15 word challenge, which required me to write a piece which included two specific words. If I remember rightly the words were ‘storm’ and ‘light’.


This post written in response to The Daily Post Prompt, Storm.



I was wondering what I could post for this week’s Daily Post Photo Challenge, then I remembered something in the archives.

A while back I bought myself a new camera. I spent ages playing around with it seeing what it could do. Waking up early one morning I spied the apples in the fruit bowl. At the time I had no curtains in the kitchen so the morning light was able to creep through the serving hatch and rest upon the apples. It looked to me just like an oil painted scene. I just had to try and capture it.


Apples at First Light

I then experimented with some of the other shots, using filters to bring some more magic to them. This, I think is the best one. It is reminiscent, I think, of old, hand coloured films.